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Maharashtra, India


ID readers is a porduct of cognex vision system.& it verify position, tolerances,presence / absence, liquid level, shape, color.

Technovision Instru. Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the automation solutions provider for Cognex vision system.Industrial ID reader is most widely used product of cognex vision system.


By Cognex vision system you can verify position, tolerances, presence / absence, liquid level, shape, color and automotiveparts.


The products that we offer are widely acclaimed by our clients as these improve product quality, eliminate production errors, lower manufacturing costs and exceed their expectations at competitive prices.


Typical Industries and Applications




ü  Reading codes on parts.




ü  Verifying 1D, 2D and date and lot codes along with Character Verification.




ü  Verifying 1D, 2D and date and lot codes.




ü  Providing Code reading for unit – level product traceability.